provides quality Travel Advisory to all travelers comming to Los Cabos, offering a great variety of activities, transportation and travel Tips.

We can arrange for you special amenities on board of your units, dinearounds, custom activities, just use your imagination and we will make it possible.

We are an experienced team of travel entusiastics with the very first purpose on mind of "Making things Easy and Safe for you", but this dones't mean you will have to pay more for them. Our rates are exactly the same as with the tour companies itself, if you find a higher rate on our website for the exact same activity, *we will refund the difference.

We operate our own Transportation Company, this will give you the confidence of quality every mile from the Airport to your Hotel.

Tours, easyier than even

We designed a new scheme for booking tours, since we know some times you are not just sure if that is the activity you want to take, but time is always a problem when it comes to the availability of some activities.

We solved that problem by allowing you to book for an activity in an open-calendar basis, if you don't use your credit for some reason, it's OK, you can cancel up to 48 hours before your "Estimated" activity day and we will do a 100% refund. Most providers require us to cancel at lease 48 hours prior to reserved date. Yes there will be some exceptions, some activities require us 96 up to 7 days cancelations, we would use that range as a reference for you, please note the cancellation range on each activity.

*Refunds apply when the difference in the rate occurs compairing our rate with the one from the same company operating the Tour or Activity.