FAQ's & Tips

General FAQ's
  • What means "Los Cabos"?
    Los Cabos means "The Capes", and it is conformed by several towns that altogether are called Los Cabos.
  • What is the average temperature of the ocean in Los Cabos?
    Ocean temperatures in Los Cabos range from low to mid 70's in the winter and spring to mid to high 80s in the peak of the summer.
  • What is the average temperature in Los Cabos?
    26°C (78.8°F)
  • Is there a Hurricane season in Cabo?
    The Hurricane season is not always something to worry about, during the months of August and September, the most tropical activity in the Pacific Ocean is reported, but it is rarely touching Los Cabos coasts, due to our cold waters tropical activity gets dissipated easily.
  • Which are the most visited spots in Cabo?
    The famous rock formations "The Arch", the Sea Lion colony, the pelican rock, The marina in Cabo, San Jose del Cabo Downtown, and other wonderful spots where the ocean meets the desert.
  • What are the most popular activities in Los Cabos?
    Deep Sea Fishing, Golf, ATV's, Fun and Dinner Cruisers, Horseback Riding, Scuba diving, Snorkeling & Dine Around's.
  • Is Cabo a safe place to stay?
    Los Cabos is one of the safest destinations in México.
  • Is driving safe?
    The highway in Los Cabos is very nice but it is one of the little aspects to take cafe of, driving in the defensive way & carefully is very recommended.
  • What is the best season in Los Cabos?
    Definitely from November to April, due to the nice weather, very comfortable.
  • When is the whales watching season?
    From January to March.
  • What is the time zone in Cabo?
    Our time zone is the Mountain Time. 1 hours less than central, 1 hour more than pacific.
  • What cities in the USA connect to Los Cabos?
  1. Atlanta with Delta Airlines
  2. Chicago with American Airlines
  3. Dallas / Ft. Worth via American Airlines
  4. Denver with America West Airlines
  5. Houston with Continental Airlines, Los Angeles with American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Aero California and Mexicana Airlines
  6. Newark with Continental Airlines
  7. San Diego with Aeromexico and Alaska Airlines
  8. San Francisco with Alaska Airlines and America West
  9. Seattle with Alaska Airlines

    Among others. Check with your travel agent since depending on the season the destinations and agencies may change.

Transportation FAQ's

  • Are transportation units under an Insurance protection?
    All units are protected with a Full Coverage Insurance including it's passengers.
  • How can I find/identify your staff at the Airport?
    Within the airport, after you pass the luggage claim area and customs, it's common to find time share agents offering you hotel presentations and even transportation, you must know that non of them are Caboconcierge.com representatives. Simply avoid them and continue to the next automatic glass door which will depend on the Terminal you arrived to, use the door on the right at Terminal 1, and the door on the left Terminal 3 (Alaska, Frontier and Delta), there you will find our staff with a sign with the CaboConcierge Logo waiting for you.

    For private transportation, your name will be displayed on the sign. Shuttle transportation will only display Cabo Concierge's Logo.

  • Is it possible to pay for your transportation services upon arrival?
    To ensure the availability of units and keep low rates, you must complete your payment in advance via Internet, if you need help on completing the online payment, please don't hesitate to contact us at: info@caboconcierge.com
  • Is it possible to make special amenity requests?
    For an extra charge, you can request any special item for your pickup, such as Cold beers, wine, flowers, an iPod with specific music, or any other special request you have in mind.
  • What is your maximum pax allowance on each unit?
    Our Suburbans can transport up to 7 passengers, we have also Vans for 10 passengers upon special request.
  • Do you have transportation services for local transfers?
    Yes, you can request for transportation for local transfers, please email us to: info@caboconcierge.com for more information.
  • Is Paypal a safe option to complete the online payment?
    Yes, Paypal is a safe option, a company with over 100 million accounts in the world. For more information about Paypal, enter www.paypal.com